Mumbai WFOE Accounting Outsourcing services bom4ww

Mumbai WFOE Accounting Outsourcing services bom4ww

Reducing air travel and relieving global warming through remote online cloud accountant and payroll services, we act as your local in-house accountant although our staff does not sit in your Mumbai office. We use cloud accounting and payroll systems to support our featured services.

A-16, 1st Floor, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi, 110067, India
Manager Punit Singh Negi , speak in Indian and English.
Skype: cspunitnegi

Service coverage  includes:
*Payroll Cycle — Leave Application, Over-shift application, Payroll Calculation, Money Movement on behalf of you to make a batch payment, Statutory Insurance, Pension Fund, Pay Slip Provision
*Expenditure Cycle — Expenses: Workflow Employee, Office & Travel, Money Movement on behalf of you to make a batch payment
*Receiving Cycle — From Order to Cash Received
*Payment Cycle — Purchases to Payment
*General Ledger — Records to Report
*VAT Filing
*Cost Accounting
*Physical inventory
*Corporate Provisional Income Tax filing and paying

In summary, our services are called Non-audit services in the accounting industry.
when you engage us, we will provide you one-stop services including accounting and tax compliance, Cashier and Internet Banking as a maker, payroll processing, and compliance.
Besides the above-mentioned, we provide Cloud System for implementing a collaborative working environment for your key-in, review, or query at any time anywhere.

Sharing of accounting professionals

By using the Cloud Accounting System to provide a collaborative work environment, we act as your in-house accountant role although we are not sitting at your company’s office.
If your company adopts our services, you only need to assign an accountant located at the site of the parent company to take care of your subsidiary accounting jobs. You don’t need to hire any local accountant, a cashier, a payroll handler, an IT officer to take care of your subsidiary in other countries.
We also incorporate the internet banking function of many famous banks to enable your personnel to review or/and approve for wire payment to suppliers and employees at any time at any location.
Your company will not need to leave the seal (company seal) or/and the stamp (name of representative) to any local staff in order to avoid losing financial control.
In addition, we can make monthly IFRS financial statements within the next five working days.
There are three major features of our service:
Fraud-Proof (with internal control), Seamless Collaboration, Hassle-Free (easily implemented).

You do not need to recruit your own local in-house accountant in Mumbai

Both of your staff in the Parent company and Evershine Mumbai staff work together to undertake all accounting functions required by your Mumbai WFOE.
Evershine will act in the role of an in-house accountant in your Mumbai WFOE.
Evershine services will be supported by Cloud System plus Internet Banking.

There are 12 service types

Evershine has been serving about a thousand clients in 42 cities in 14 countries.
There are 12 service types through inductive analysis as below:
*Employment Outsourcing Services (EOS, employment of in-country personnel prior to the establishment of a foreign company)
*Payroll services (ELP, Payroll and Compliance, Leave and Absence and Compliance with Labor Regulations)
*Light Manufacturing Enterprises (LMF, after purchasing raw materials, by itself or outside light processing)
*Trade Type (TRD-B2B, Import and Export of goods, Wholesale)
*Project-based (PJT-B2B, small number of sales transactions, large number of purchases)
*E-commerce type (ECB-B2C, Retail of goods)
*Store sales (RTL-B2C, use POS to sell goods in the store)
*Service cost plus certain % as revenue (CPC-B2B)
*General Service (SVC-B2B)
*Store Service (ECS-B2C, using POS to provide service in the store)
*Representative Office (RO, payroll plus expense reimbursement)
*Dormant type (DM, Dormant, early establishment, as long as the GLA general ledger accounting services)

According to how the IT system and the number of modules being used, our services can be classified as A, B, C Types as below:
**Please be aware that A, B or C, can be easily converted.

Type A:
 Your Subsidiary uses All System modules provided by Evershine:
*BIZ-Cloud Receiving Cycle System
*BIZ- Cloud Purchasing Cycle System
*BIZ- Cloud Factory System (without MRP calculation)
*BPO-Cloud A/R and A/P system
*AIS-Cloud Independent Costing System
*AIS-Cloud Accounting Information System
*Payroll-Cloud Payroll Relevant 4-in-1 System
*VAT-Cloud VAT Filing System

Type B:
* In this scenario, your WFOE will use Evershine Modules except for three above-mentioned BIZ modules.
*Your WFOE will use your parent company’s ERP to take care of Receiving Cycle, Purchasing Cycle, Factory Cycle.
*As for the Costing system, you can use your own module. If not available by yourself, we can use our AIS-Cloud Independent Costing System to serve you.
But you need to download all the necessary files for us.
* Evershine will have IT persons talk with your IT professional to build up how to exchange data files, in avoiding double key in.

Type C:
Your Mumbai WFOE will use your parent company’s ERP system, along with some modules from Evershine
*CDEC-Payroll-Data Exchange & Processing Module
*CDEC-VAT-Data Exchange & Processing Module
*CDEC-AIS-Journal Entries Data Exchange & Processing Module
*CDEC-BPO-Payment Data Exchange & Processing Module 

 The following descriptions will assume your company using Type A services 

We act as your in-house employees when you adopt Type A Service.
Evershine provides 4-in-1 service. If your company adopts our service, we can perform four functions, including accounting and taxation, cashier and internet banking function as a Maker, payroll processing, and cloud systems for supporting our services.
By providing a collaborative work environment with the cloud accounting system, we act as an internal employee of your company, although Evershine colleagues do not sit at your company.
Adopting our four-in-one service, you even need not hire accountants, cashiers, payroll handlers, and information personnel.
The staff of your parent company and Evershine employees jointly perform accounting functions.
We also incorporate internet banking functions with many banks to enable your personnel to work at any time, to do approval for payment to suppliers and employees at any location.
Therefore you will be no need to hand over the seal (company seal), stamp (name of representative) to any local person, to avoid losing financial control.
In addition, we can produce the financial statements for the last month within the next five working days.
There are three major features of our service: Fraud-Proof, Seamless Collaboration, Hassle-Free.

Advantages for using Type A services:
*Parent company will feel more trusted for Mumbai WFOE operation; Let your management team focus on business, management, and financial analysis.
*You don’t even have to hire basic accountants, cashiers, and payroll staff.
*Issue IFAS financial statements within 7 days.
*The financial staff of the parent company may participate in the approval in different places and see the outstanding payments and receivables in a timely manner.

Service Characteristics of Type A Service:
*This service is supported by a cloud accounting and payroll system.
* Lead by multinational experienced accountants to ensure the effectiveness of internal controls and compliance with regulations.
*Using native language to communicate with the finance department of your parent company, such as English, Japanese, Germany, Philippine and Indonesian.
*If adopting Type A service first, you can switch to Type B or Type C service easily in the future.

Contact Us

A-16, 1st Floor, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi, 110067, India
Manager Punit Singh Negi , speak in Indian and English.
Skype: cspunitnegi

For how to exchange data files between your Finance Accounting System and Evershine Cloud Accounting Information System, please send an email to
LinkedIn address:Dale Chen

Additional Information

Evershine has 100% affiliates in the following cities:
Headquarter, Taipei, Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai,
New York, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix
Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok,
Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Dubai,
New Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Jakarta,
Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam,
Milan, Barcelona, Bucharest,
Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto

Other cities with existent clients:
Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Michigan, Seattle, Delaware;
Berlin, Stuttgart; Prague; Czech Republic; Bangalore; Surabaya;
Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Donguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Yongkang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xuchang, Qingdao, Tianjin.

Evershine Potential Serviceable City (2 months preparatory period):
Evershine CPAs Firm is an IAPA member firm headquartered in London, with 300 member offices worldwide and approximately 10,000 employees.
Evershine CPAs Firm is a LEA member headquartered in Chicago, USA, it has 600 member offices worldwide and employs approximately 28,000 people.
Besides, Evershine is Taiwan local Partner of ADP Streamline ®.
(version: 2022/03)

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